• Detects the can not the punch
  • Greatly improved R&R - better process control
  • Optimum tooling and machine protection
  • Maximum reliability, minimum down time
  • Long lasting rugged construction
  • Complete and compatible

Bodymaker Control Module

The 2x7 series Short Can Sensors can be used incombination with the BCM500 Bodymaker Control Module to allow additional functions that support all of the fast control logic requirements of a bodymaker. These functions are integrated with short can and tear-off detection to drive special high speed clutch outputs.

Detects The Can Not The Punch

These high efficiency Short Can Sensors detect each can, yet remain totally blind to the punch.

Optimum Tooling & Machine Protection

Using positive discrimination methods and 'zero-drift' detection, these sensors provide reliable detection of short cans or 'tear-offs' to protect your tooling investment.

Maximum Reliability, Minimum Down-time

Sencon Metal Discriminating Sensors employ special encapsulants, sealed cases and custom-fabricated metallic end plates to withstand hydraulic abrasion and provide maximum durability with long service life.

Long Lasting Rugged Construction

Sencon metal discriminating sensors are fully encapsulated in non hygroscopic materials that are highly resistant to shock, vibration, coolant oils and humidity. They also employ custom-fabricated titanium sensing face protection plates to withstand hydraulic abrasion and provide maximum durability in the demanding bodymaker tool environment.

Complete & Compatible

All 2xx Series sensors are equipped with both source (PNP) and sink (NPN) outputs, and they are supplied complete with mounting nuts. The sensors optimize production output by significantly cutting bodymaker maintenance requirements.

Short Can Sensor Selection Guide
Integral Cable Quick Disconnect
Aluminum can
over Steel punch
Steel can over
Carbide punch
Aluminum can over Magnetic Carbide punch
  9-287-03/63 ‡
11-287-03/63 ‡
Aluminum can over Non-magnetic Carbide punch
  9-287-53 ‡
11-287-53 ‡♠
* These models are also available with an output pulse stretcher.
See Can on Mandrel and High Performance Sensors.
These sensors perform reliably on the majority of known carbide punches, provided the magnetic permeability of the punch material remains stable in working conditions. Factors such as temperature variation can affect magnetic properties.
♠ Special order only.