Environmental Policies

  • Sencon is committed to minimizing the environmental effects of its own products and processes.
  • The company complies with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations ( e.g. the European Union WEEE Directive ).
  • Lead free PC boards are being sourced and are already in use in many products.
  • Biodegradable "Loosefill" packaging is being used as a replacement for polystyrene chips.
  • Materials produced from renewable wood materials are used in box packaging.
  • Waste materials are re-used or re-cycled as much as possible.
  • We are actively seeking to replace PVC in our cabling.
  • We aim to develop products that help customers achieve their own environmental goals.

Cut Costs and Save The Planet

New product designs which use less raw materials are constantly being developed in metal packaging. And manufacturers are always striving for process improvements to reduce spoilage and energy consumption. This will not only save money, it will also reduce the overall environmental impact of the canmaking industry. So it ought to be a win/win situation. However, life isn't always so easy in practice.

No Control Without Accurate Measurements

white wasteCoatings, lacquers and varnishes are often a major cause of environmental pollution, subject to ongoing regulation in many regions. They are also becoming very expensive. But unless you can make accurate measurements about how much coating you are applying and where it is distributed on your product, it is difficult to reduce coatings usage without the risk of falling below critical tolerances.

Sencon Products Help to
Reduce Coatings Usage

To protect product quality and keep their customers satisfied many canmakers run coater/lacquer applications with a high margin of tolerance, in effect applying excess coating to be on the safe side. This is expensive, wasteful and environmentally unfriendly. Sencon has a range of products that help to change all this.

Accurate Coatings Measurement - 13% Savings Reported

Dedicated Spray Control for Reduced Spoilage

Sencon Products Help to Control Energy Consumption

Thermal curing ovens are a major source of energy consumption on canmaking lines. Again, without accurate data it can be very difficult to adjust the burners to run efficiently without risking product quality. Sencon's oven logger is the ideal tool for saving energy and promoting product quality.

Optimize Oven Settings for Reduced Energy Consumption